Travel is good, and cheap tickets are just fine …

To buy the cheapest air tickets, you need to start planning a trip in about 2-3 months. The earlier you buy an air ticket, the cheaper it will be, and it is advisable not to buy tickets for the period of holidays, because at this time airlines do not make a discount on air tickets. Also try to buy tickets there and back, most often a one way ticket costs the same as two.

We go on a trip

In addition, tickets are cheaper to buy in the middle of the week, at this moment they are the cheapest. Yes, in general, it is necessary to plan a trip in advance. In the era of the Internet, buying a ticket has become much simpler, so it is advisable to buy them through the Internet, because when buying them at the ticket office it can be more expensive, due to the fact that you pay cash and although you can pay by card, it is cheaper and most convenient to buy them on the Internet.

Also, you can try to pick up the cheapest fare by manipulating the dates of departure, sometimes it turns out that prices are cheaper for neighboring dates than for a variant with a longer gap between flights.

Most often, in neighboring cities tickets are cheaper. For example, in Krasnoyarsk, tickets are quite expensive, so it will be more profitable to buy tickets in Moscow and go there by land. The ticket price can be less than 2, and even 3 times. To this you can also add that this also extends to your destination, try to choose a neighboring city as your destination, and it is likely that the price will be even lower.

Cheap tickets

Also you can use the services of tracking the prices for air tickets. There are many such services on the Internet. Many of them have the option of automatic mailing, it is advisable not to neglect this function.

Europe, well, at least in most of its countries, has Low-cost airlines, that is, budget. They are not so comfortable, and less reliable, but if you need to fly somewhere and you can not pay a large amount for a ticket, you can use them. Such companies have very cheap tickets for domestic flights and neighboring countries, but no further — such companies do not have long-distance flights, all their flights are limited in time by 3-4 hours. In addition, it is important to remember that such airlines delay and cancel flights more often than large companies, but for the price that they have, it’s not so important.

It is also desirable to use independent search engines for air tickets that are not tied to companies, with the help of them you will be able to find the cheapest tickets. Tourism is a delicate matter, and the more carefully you approach the preparation of a holiday, the more you will spend your vacation with greater efficiency.