CITIC Tower in Guangzhou

CITIC Tower is located in China, in Guangzhou. The building belongs to the China International Trade and Investment Company. It has only 80 floors respectively and a height of 391 meters. At the end of construction in 1997, it was the tallest building, after the skyscrapers in New York and Chicago.

CITIC Tower in Guangzhou 2

According to recent reports, this skyscraper is ranked seventh in the ranking among the tallest buildings in the world. At this point, CITIC Tower is located in Tyanhe and part is a part of a complex with the exact same name. The building is located 38 floors, which are designed for habitation.

CITIC Tower in Guangzhou 3

Also, it is important to know that next to the skyscraper located a new station and a new metro station. In addition, for those who have ever been in this beautiful place, she knows that is near a sports center, which conducted sixteenth national games. All this is very interesting and exciting, but some

CITIC Tower in Guangzhou 4

In order to build such a high tower, a material such as a heavy-duty concrete and glass has been used. Also, special antenna located on the roof that are lit at night. It is necessary to airplanes could navigate and avoid crashing into the building. Some tourists called it glow at night, this unusual name as «Eye of Sauron».

CITIC Tower in Guangzhou 5

Also, there are a lot of offices in the building, the area of one of the office can be at 102 square meters and 35 square meters. It all depends on where the offices are located. On the ground floor, there is a parking lot, which is designed for 900 cars. Of course, living in a place like this is a lot, but it does not interfere with any tour or various firms to take the room. One has only to visit China again, and you will never forget this place. This skyscraper is always open.