Let’s go to Thailand

The most popular destination in the region of Southeast Asia is Thailand. Amazing, exotic, colorful and bright place, where the rest will be simply unforgettable. Here you will find a variety of entertainment that only human imagination can imagine.

Thailand and its beauty

Many tourists visit this region because of the ancient sights that are famous all over the world. For example, Thailand hides a historical park called Ayutthaya. It is famous for the ruins of old temples, as well as the ruins of the Bang-Pa-Ying Palace. In addition, travelers can also see the world’s largest 127-meter Buddha statue.

Lets go to Thailand 2

The sorrowful sights of the region are the «Road of Death» and a bridge that runs through the river Kwai. Next to these monuments are a zoo, an elephant reserve called Sampran, and a cultural center called the Garden of Roses.
In addition, Thailand is ready to please an incredible number of natural attractions, chic waterfalls, unusual tropical forests, amazing mountain ranges, beautiful beaches.

Exotic Edge

Most tourists book tours to Thailand precisely because there will be a truly culturally rich, entertaining holiday with elements of relaxation. You can admire the nature in national parks and exotic jungle, breathe the fresh air, merge into an unforgettable atmosphere. In addition, here you will find snow-white beaches, a gentle sun, azure ocean with a magnificent underwater world, as well as great entertainment, nightclubs, delicious food and much more. By the way, be sure to try local food. Preference here is given to rice, curry and coconut milk. The most memorable dishes can be soup with shrimps «tom pits» or with chicken and mushrooms «tom ha kai».

Lets go to Thailand 3

The cost of travel

Depending on which resorts you choose, and the price of tours to Thailand will fluctuate. If the famous Phuket, you will have to lay out a little more than 40 thousand for a person. Choosing a holiday in Pattaya, you will pay only 30 400 rubles for one. Travel to Samui will cost you 35 850 rubles per person. It is necessary to take into account the additional costs for excursions of interest to you, buying souvenirs, shopping, entertainment, night clubs, food, etc.