Golden Prosperity – Jin Mao Tower

Translated from Chinese, Jin Mao Tower is «golden prosperity». Today, it is the tallest building that is located in Asia. You can also say that for the city of Shanghai, this building is the hallmark. On the upper floors of the skyscraper to be a five star hotel.

Golden Prosperity Jin Mao Tower 2

Jin Mao Building was based on Chinese culture that is here used magic figure «8». That is present in the building 88 floors which are divided into 16 to its segments. Also very interesting it is that the building was built on an octagonal concrete frame plus the steel columns in the building of eight. The base of the building is 1062 steel pillars, which in turn hammered deep into the ground, or rather on 83.5 meters. It is the longest pillars that have ever been used in the construction of buildings.

Golden Prosperity Jin Mao Tower 3

Officially, the building was opened in 2008, in the month of August. The date was chosen as the opening exclusively with magic, for China, the figure eight. Because date was set to 28 August. And since 1999, the building was fully fit and functional. And so little that there is in the building. On three floors, which are located underground parking, which in turn is designed for 600 cars. Starting from the third floor and ending with the fiftieth in the building are offices for various companies. Also, 50-51 floor created for the technical service that monitors the serviceability and operation of the building.

Golden Prosperity Jin Mao Tower 4

Starting with 53 floors and finishing with 85 floors, the hotel is located at the highest level of service in the building. Also Jin Mao hotel includes a restaurant. Do not forget about the 86 floor, on which the Business Club. 87-floor restaurant, but the floor is designed for 88 trips and can accommodate about 1,000 people.

Golden Prosperity Jin Mao Tower 5

That is, we can say that the building is predisposed not only to people working in it, but also so that people could relax and forget about everything.