Dangerous road Guoliang Road

Guoliang Road is a very dangerous road. But, despite this, it is constantly visited by tourists. Dangerous are windows in the rock tunnel, sometimes as high as 5 meters in diameter. This road is located in Henan province, and there is only a little over 40 years ago.

Dangerous road Guoliang Road 2

Previously, farmers living in the Golian village, got into town just up the steep stone stairs dangerous. But in 1972 they finally decided to fix it and punch the way to the rock. The construction took more than 5 years, and nearly 1,200 meter tunnel was opened in May 1977. This road is extremely narrow and does not allow to pass two cars. In view of this, for it to move most commonly used two-wheeled trucks.

Dangerous road Guoliang Road 3

It is difficult to account for people who suffer from claustrophobia, where they will have to pass the real test. The height of this tunnel is more than 5 meters and a width of about four meters. The walls of the tunnel Guoliang Road are uneven, and 30 windows cut into the rock have very different sizes and shapes. Some of the window square, some round and the size of their ranges from normal window size up to several tens of meters.

Dangerous road Guoliang Road 4

View of the windows is not very advisable, because at the bottom of a deep chasm. The efforts of the village very soon paid off, because in the XIX century, China has opened its spaces for the rest of the world. In particular, this has led to the development of tourism. Officials visited the road and decided to add it to the list of non-tourist sites. It took only a few years, and the small Golian village became a national treasure.

Dangerous road Guoliang Road 5

Thousands of tourists from around the world visited it once. The village became a jewel of these places. Stone building, the unique landscape and a huge tunnel looks simply amazing. A fabulous panorama opening of a tunnel of windows, will not leave anyone indifferent. The beauty of the mountains and unspoilt nature of China’s dream of any tourist.