Brunei is the Islamic State

The warm waters of the South China Sea, in the center of the Malay Archipelago, in the northwest part of the island of Kalimantan (also known as the island of Borneo) is an interesting Brunei Islamic state. Geographically, the country is divided into two parts, between which there is a broad 30-kilometer long stretch of the territory of the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah. Lifestyle, traditions and culture of the local population, a diverse natural landscape of great interest even for travelers with the experience.

Brunei is the Islamic State 2

Brunei offers its tourists visited scenic spots for scuba diving in the coral on the skeletons of sunken ships lying at a depth of 30 to 35 meters. Some wrecks are buried here since the days of the Second World War.

Brunei is the Islamic State 3

The capital of the state is Bandar Seri Begawan. Here you can see one of the most remarkable buildings of the Muslim East – a modern, huge mosque of Omar Ali Saifuddin – father reigning sultan. This grand structure recorded in the famous «Guinness World Records» (1788 rooms on an area of 205 thousand. M2).

Brunei is the Islamic State 4

Visiting the capital of Brunei, you should definitely visit a nearby «village on the water» (houses on stilts), visit the famous Brunei Museum, repository of the royal religion, Center arts and crafts, and always Mosque Hassanal Bolkiah with the world’s largest marble sculptures and a dome covered with 24 carat gold.

Brunei is the Islamic State 5

Many tourists who have visited the island state are sent to the machine in a place called «long house». This location Iban tribes. Not so long ago these tribes were ominous name of «bounty hunters.» Walking down the hall, «Long House» Visitors will meet hospitable hosts and taste the favorite traditional drink – rice wine. Guests will be offered a memorable picnic on the river bank, where you can swim if you wish. There is also a wonderful mini-zoo.