Kidzania is a country of adult children

In Dubai, there is a purpose-built children’s playground in which an adult is simply no room. It is only the territory of the children and called this place Kidzania.

Kidzania is a country of adult children 2

This town gives children the opportunity to learn not only the world but also the flora, fauna, and get acquainted with the professions, there are now around the world, etc. This fun, yet no country in the world. Of course, children’s places are everywhere, but such a special town are not present.

Kidzania is a country of adult children 3

The idea is so pervasive that in the near future, it will be possible to see them in places like Tokyo, Mexico City, Seoul, Bangkok and other countries. Affiliates for such a small town, already in these countries, and the idea is gaining more and more popularity. This town has everything for the children, because there can come children starting from the age of two and ending 15 years. The main idea of this city is that children know himself in the outside world, could understand what they want from life and what they can give the society in which they live. And then, this town will help children understand what is the profession for them is the best, of course it does not happen in the age of three to fifteen years but it’s definitely possible.

Kidzania is a country of adult children 4

Skills throughout adult life, children begin to receive as a fun game, that is, in the town there are many centers where children can play the role of a fire, for example, doctors, police officers, etc. In addition, they have a very definite problem, they need to earn play money that they can spend only in the children’s park and no more. That is, the children receive a certain task they have to perform only good and nothing else. Only in this case, they get the «money».

Kidzania is a country of adult children 5

For adults, it may seem ridiculous, but believe me, these training centers provide an opportunity to develop the child’s personality. Especially if the parents do not know how to take her child. It is difficult in a small age, for example, not many people know what to do with a child who has just two, three or four years old. Of course, everyone knows the basic skills, but not the way it is done in such a small town. Agree, not every town can find a miracle of technology and beauty at the same time.