Aqaba Marine Aquarium

As noted in many tourist guides for the Jordanian city of Aqaba, in addition to having a large number of historical sites, usually referred to as a pretty attractive place for diving sport or cognitive diving using scuba.

Aqaba Marine Aquarium 2

A feature of the coastal area of Aqaba is the fact that apart from the magnificent sandy beaches of the Red Sea in this place has a rather high transparency and a small depth of korralovyh reefs that teem with various representatives of the underwater world. So it is worth noting that the average underwater visibility in the most favorable time of the year, and it is almost all year round, except for the period from April to May, the flowering of plankton, underwater visibility is about 35-40 meters.

Aqaba Marine Aquarium 3

So, it is not surprising that such conditions have enabled the establishment of a coastal area of Aqaba is quite a large number of diving clubs, which not only provide a full range of services, and that rent equipment and equipment for diving, and support divers, experienced instructors to ensure their security.

Aqaba Marine Aquarium 4

In addition, it is worth noting that almost all diving clubs have the appropriate certificates for the provision of such services at international level, which are determined by the relevant international standards of PADI, SSI or BS-AC, the procedure and the rules for training, diving and conducting underwater expeditions .

Aqaba Marine Aquarium 5

It is worth noting that those tourists who, for whatever reason are unable to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world with the direct immersion in the waters of the Red Sea, it can compensate for this deficiency visiting Aqaba Marine Aquarium located at the Marine Science Center of the city. It is represented in numerous aquaria almost all the flora and fauna of the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, from all kinds of ornamental fish, sea urchins and mollusks and ending Corral, different colors and shapes.