Kindergarten Gary Chapidze

One and the main challenges pursued by the parents and teachers, is to preserve the ability of children to dream and to show imagination, contribute to generate it. And because the garden for children in the city of Rustavi in Georgia, is one of the most beautiful places in the same kind on the earth. Oh, it’s children really will not suffer from boredom and lack of exercise initiative.

Kindergarten Gary Chapidze 2

In Georgia, the recent activity occurs with «development program for the development of the industry» aircraft — there are building new airports (for example, in the cities of Kutaisi and place), and the government of the country is trying to attract world-class carriers and optimally widely applied in the air space of the state.

Kindergarten Gary Chapidze 3

As another good — an example of the love of people in Georgia can be attributed to aviation opened recently in the city of Rustavi kindergarten, one of the buildings which is in decommissioned aircraft Yak-40. The owner of this garden is not quite usual for children, Gary Chapidze, was on pilot positions until retirement.

Kindergarten Gary Chapidze 4

That’s not to part with his passion and after his retirement, he decided on a very extraordinary action — purchase derived from the use of aircraft to carry out its reconstruction and place inside the courtyard of the institution of pre-school type. In this case, children have access to completely every room of the aircraft — the guys have the ability to even wearing a very real helmets sit on the pilot’s seat, steering wheel and twist to dream about how they are older when begin to conquer space in the air. Inside the cabin there are classes for study and games room.

Kindergarten Gary Chapidze 5

The owner of this miracle, says that his main desire while creating a garden for children in the plane there was a desire to instill in children a love for technology, develop their technical mind and relevant skills. Do I need to consider what kindergarten Gary Chapidze was the most popular places of the same type in the entire Rustavi? Here are trained only twenty children, but all to be here, passes for more than one hundred people.