Stone Forest. See with your own eyes

Have you ever been to Madagascar? If not, we wish you a speedy visit, as there are so many interesting things that you just anywhere and will never see. As it turns out, in Madagascar, there is the so-called Stone Forest, which today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stone Forest. See with your own eyes 2

This is the only place where there is a huge accumulation of minerals, plus, there is also a nature reserve, which is the most unique yellow limestone. In addition, you should be required to visit the reserve, and you have to go to the mall, where baobabs grow. Also, you are able to see the most ancient burial place. So this place is teeming with history.

Stone Forest. See with your own eyes 3

Stone Forest area is 670 square kilometers of its base ive seen limestone, which has been partially eroded over time. To just walk here, you should definitely know about the shoes you should be not just strong, but thick. Since you can stumble upon a stone that simply break your shoes, and it is only in the best case.

Stone Forest. See with your own eyes 4

Most interesting is that the stone forest blends with the local nature, and you can even say not released. But professional always knows what and where. For those breeds that we see in this stone forest, formed by centuries. According to scientists, even after millions of years, there will be a completely different area and landscape.

Stone Forest. See with your own eyes 5

Who knows, we are not historians, but always welcome something new and unknown. Personally, I am in the very near future, is going to go on vacation is here, I do not say that for a month, but at least a couple of days to see with my own eyes, how is it beautiful when nature creates something amazing and beautiful.