Snake Temple of Azure Clouds

Not very far from Georgetown, Penang is an island, which, actually, is a Chinese temple, which practically no one notices. That is, the feeling develops, that it and not at all on the island. The name of the temple «Azure cloud,» but it gives a completely different name, but rather the «Temple of the Serpent».

Snake Temple of Azure Clouds 2

The name of the church is the Azure Clouds it is not just come to us, and according to ancient legend. In this temple there was a monk who, somehow able to communicate with poisonous snakes and Jutila them at home. And supposedly, snakes, knowing this place, have left him still.

Snake Temple of Azure Clouds 3

As it turns out, going to the temple, you can see this unusual sight – a small bamboo built on perches that are on both sides of the altar are arboreal vipers. The temple was built in 1850, but, as the saying goes, nothing special in him. While each temple has built its historic subtopic, but due to this temple nobody knows.

Snake Temple of Azure Clouds 4

Some said that the snake temple creep so many snakes that are impossible to get through. Honestly, it is not so. Here you can see a maximum of ten pieces and then they are on the specially designated places for them. Once inside the temple, you can see the room where the glass ceiling. Also, there are trees, which can also be seen a few snakes. But it is not necessary to be afraid of them, because they are not dangerous to humans. Otherwise, it seems to me, they would simply not there.

Snake Temple of Azure Clouds 5

Though snakes are not dangerous to humans, they are, somehow, very much, especially because of the temple itself, there is a special, small farm where snakes are bred specifically. It is already possible to see many different species as poisonous and non-poisonous. The place can be called dangerous, but at the same time beautiful.