Bald Hills in Zimbabwe – Matobo Hills

Zimbabwe is a country located in eastern Africa. It used to be a part of the First Empire Monomotapa, and the majority of population made up gokomere folk. This is a story that should be interesting to everyone in the world but, unfortunately, now there’re only few people who are willing to travel to distant countries as Zimbabwe.

Bald Hills in Zimbabwe  Matobo Hills 2

If we talk about the sights of the country, we should mention such geological formations as piles of granite boulders, known as Matobo Hills. The legend has it, that the first to find these hills was Cecil Rhodes.

Bald Hills in Zimbabwe  Matobo Hills 3

This place gave incredible power. When you have a closer look, you can see the extraordinary beauty – an antiseptic for wood, because at first glance, it seems that they were created by someone’s skilled hands. If you climb on the top of the hill, you will have a beautiful view of the plains and hills. Nowadays, park Matobo is the oldest national park.

Bald Hills in Zimbabwe  Matobo Hills 4

It’s interesting, that some people call these hills «bald hills». There also have been found cave paintings prints on the rocks, painted more than 20 000 thousand years ago.

Bald Hills in Zimbabwe  Matobo Hills 5

These were the san tribes, who lived there at that time and wandered from one place to another. But in order to thoroughly learn the history, one should visit Zimbabwe. In addition, the park Matobo, is a grave of the famous historian, who discovered these hills.