Attractions Africa

Africa is often called the cradle of humanity, it is assumed that it was there that the first man appeared. But besides this, the attractions of Africa are also of interest. Here there are unique historical monuments of architecture, parks with rare animals and miracles created by nature itself.

Amazing nearby, the sights of Africa: The ink lake and the eye of the Sahara

It is difficult to imagine that there is a lake with real ink in the world, but it really is so in Sidi Bel Abbes in Algeria. This phenomenon is observed on the border of the confluence of two rivers, one carrying in its waters a huge amount of iron salts, the other is the source of various organic compounds characteristic of peat bogs. But this is now scientists have found an explanation for this unusual phenomenon, but over the years the lake has been surrounded by numerous legends. One of them says that these dark forces have tried to sign contracts with living souls.

If you are interested in Africa, the sights, photos of which are abundantly present on the Internet — they do not completely reflect the beauty of these unusual places. For example, in Mauritania there is a phenomenal phenomenon of the ring structure of Rishat, also called the eye of the Sahara. The diameter of this formation is about fifty kilometers and it can be seen even from outer space, so the name fully justifies itself. Scientists have not yet come to a common opinion about its origin, but exotic fans are not interested in this and every year more and more tourists want to visit this incredible and mysterious place.

Cities like the attractions of Africa

It’s probably hard to believe, but sometimes whole cities and villages are a real attraction. The city of Chefchaouen in Morocco is also called the city of the sky. Travelers who decided to visit this beautiful old town turn out to be, like in the seventh heaven. All buildings, walls and even flower pots are painted in different shades of blue here. If you consider that the city is under the bright turquoise sky of Africa, you can imagine how fascinating this spectacle is.

Description of the continent Africa, attractions, photos — all this allows you to create your own idea of this amazing place. In fact, this is a real storehouse of natural riddles and unique creations created by man.

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Attractions Africa

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