Goba is a stone of heavenly origin

This meteorite is the largest of all those who once was founded. In addition, it is during the fall is not surprising manner not only formed the crater, but also quite some prints of his heavenly origin. Scientists, however, believe that in the course of eighty thousand years (this age certainly has that «extraterrestrial») footprints could simply wipe natural geological processes.

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin 2

Goba Meteorite by chance found a farmer from Namibia, who lives in the city Grotfronteyn in 1920, when the plowed field. The name «Goba» was given to the name of the farmer economy, within which was located — Hoba West Farm. It is a lump, weighing sixty-six tons. Stone celestial origin in the first place, scientists have become interested in, and then the visitors.

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin 3

Carried interest from the inhabitants could not bring anything positive Gob — only for thirty years, tourists, farmers and representatives of the scientific activity took six tonnes from the surface of the meteorite for souvenirs and samples for experimental research. In 1955, the Government of South West Africa at the time decided to ban take away meteorite, and passed a law to assign Gob national monument. However, in real life rock uniquely Nothing new.

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin 4

In 1985 the company «Rossing Uranium Ltd.», engaged in private activity, highlighted some of the equity finance to strengthen the protection of sites of national importance, and three years later the owner of the meteorite passed Goba and land area adjacent to the state. It has been organized by the improvement and protection, thus, expensive types of attacks on the part of tourists ended.

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin 5

Now meteorite Goba is located in the same place as the eighty thousand years ago. In addition, it is the world’s largest iron piece of natural origin, so Goba is the champion. The mass of the meteorite is now — sixty tons (source weighed sixty-six tons), the volume now — nine cubic meters, the dimensions — 2.7 * 2.7 * 0.9 meters, there is a part of eighty-four percent of iron, sixteen percent nickel with a dash cobalt.