The economic and cultural capital of Morocco – Casablanca

Morocco is a wonderful country on the African continent, where a lot of beautiful places, desolate deserts, high mountains, beautiful coastline inhabited by nomads and Berbers. The country is considered to be exotic gateway to Africa. From the incredible peaks of the High Atlas to the fascinating dunes of the Sahara, Morocco gives the impression of a specially created space for traveler.

The economic and cultural capital of Morocco Casablanca 2

Morocco, for the majority of Russian tourists area byway. But the Europeans, for historical reasons, convenient communication and mild climate have long loved this amazing fairyland «Thousand and One Nights.» There are many ancient cities, often exotic, sometimes overwhelming, but it is always surprising his madness and mysticism that pronounced against the background of the measured and serene countryside.

The economic and cultural capital of Morocco Casablanca 3

One of these cities of the state is the Casablanca city – the cultural and economic capital of the country. By the way, it is Morocco in the world of contemporary fashion and art. It hosts numerous shows latest collections of well-known contemporary designers, open exhibitions of art galleries from around the world.

The economic and cultural capital of Morocco Casablanca 4

The city is full of contradictions. Here, as in the large metropolitan areas there are road traffic jams choking concerns of social problems, huge slums for the poor. At the same time as a contrast to this – a lot of well-kept cozy parks with beautiful fountains, buildings in the style of colorful colonial architecture, wide boulevards landscaped.

The economic and cultural capital of Morocco Casablanca 5

Dark, sometimes mystical facades suburbs is a sharp contrast to the city’s buildings, made in the Spanish-Moorish, art nouveau and art deco styles. The main attraction of the modernist city – a huge and stunningly beautiful Mosque Hassan II. It is also worth noting the attention Mahakma Pasha Palace, Sacré-Coeur and the Town Hall. Nightlife district is considered the Corniche, which focused a lot of entertainment facilities and offers a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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