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Attractions Africa

African penguins? – There are so

African or donkey penguins are an amazing view of the penguins, who lives in southern Africa and the surrounding islands. On Robben Island and located Dessen largest colony of this species of penguins. But what about the admitted fact that penguins live only in low latitudes with cool water? Very simple. This part of Africa

One of the great obelisks in Egypt – Aswan obelisk city

Anyone who is planning a trip to Egypt, of course, first of all dream of visiting the ancient pyramids. But not only the pyramids of ancient Egypt is famous for. This country is no country in the world is rich and other architectural and monumental monuments. One type of ancient Egyptian obelisks are monuments. The

The economic and cultural capital of Morocco – Casablanca

Morocco is a wonderful country on the African continent, where a lot of beautiful places, desolate deserts, high mountains, beautiful coastline inhabited by nomads and Berbers. The country is considered to be exotic gateway to Africa. From the incredible peaks of the High Atlas to the fascinating dunes of the Sahara, Morocco gives the impression

Funny and majestic Baobab

If wild symbols the same in North America or Mexico are huge, centuries-old redwoods, or a variety of cactus, for the African continent, especially for tropical savannah, this plant is a baobab, a unique and found nowhere else plant. In addition to its age, which to date have not managed to determine exactly, because baobab

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin

This meteorite is the largest of all those who once was founded. In addition, it is during the fall is not surprising manner not only formed the crater, but also quite some prints of his heavenly origin. Scientists, however, believe that in the course of eighty thousand years (this age certainly has that «extraterrestrial») footprints

The Colossi of Memnon

These stone sculptures, more than 7 tons by weight and 18 meters high each, are standing in the so-called necropolis of Thebes. It is located on the bank of the Nile river, on the opposite you may find the town Luxor. According to many tourist agents and tourists, the Colossi of Memnon are one more

Quetzalcoatl nest

«Quetzalcoatl Nest» is a non-traditional apartment complex, which is created by designer Javier Senosiain from Mexico. The complex is named after the Aztec deity responsible for the study and knowledge, and to appear before the person as a hybrid snake and birds. For Javier is not the first project of unusual architecture – not so