Hohenzollern castle is celestial fairy tale of Germany

Do you believe in celestial fly castles? In the Swabian Alps in Germany on one of the top you can see something really looks like fly castle. Meet the mystic and magic Hohenzollern castle, the grand fortress floating in the clouds. 

Hohenzollern castle is the most famous medieval building of Germany constructed in XI. It is located on Zoller Mountain (as locals call the top) at an elevation of 855 meters above sea level. Its majestic peaks rise above the clouds. It seems like there is an island with impregnable fortress above the fog, the path to which is known only to the spirits and heroes and inaccessible to ordinary people. Beautiful castles of Germany

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A little history.
Today it is a popular place among the tourists and fans of authentic architectural beauty. This is a territory with a great history. Originally here was the residence of Hohenzollern dynastic family ruling Prussia and Brandenburg for ten centuries.
Over a long period of existence, the fortress was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The first castle crash was in 1423 after that it was elevated to the new complex. But today there is only the Chapel of St. Michael from the second building. Hohenzollern fortress nowadays is the rebuilt castle by the king Frederick William IV in the end of XIX century. However, the architects have almost completely preserved the appearance of the first buildings.
There are graves of the Prussian regents on the territory. There are many interesting historically significant objects: personal property of Frederick the Great, crown of Wilhelm II, appreciation letter for the help in establishing the independence of the United States from George Washington, addressed to Baron von Steuben.

The medieval castles in Germany.

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How to get to the Hohenzollern castle?

The Fortress is located 50 kilometers south of Stuttgart nearby Bisingen and Hechingen. Reached by bus or car to the parking, tourists continue hiking up the stairs surrounded by forest. It is about 20 minutes of the walking. But this path is worth to overcome even for fully feel the spirit and charm of the old times, try on the role of local or feel like a knight or a Crown Princess.
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Caught by the top you will see a breathtaking panorama: a marvelous beauty of nature, the meeting of earth and sky on the horizon. You will feel a terrific sense of freedom. And the architecture of Hohenzollern castle helps you experience the medieval era and fully enjoy the solemn character of the time.

Hohenzollern castle, Germany

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