Fantastic Gulpiyuri beach

When you are passing this beach by you may even not notice it, as it is hidden by the cliffs. The surrounding natural landscape conceals the fact that a wonderful resting zone and, moreover, the sea is nearby. The cattle are grazing in the bordering fields, so it’s quite difficult to imagine that a beach is somewhere here.

Fantastic Gulpiyuri beach 2

A quiet, cosy nook near Llanesna (northern Spain) has crystalline clear sea water. The water from the Cantabrian Sea is brought here from the Bay of Biscay. But how it works, if the distance between them is more than 100 meters?

Fantastic Gulpiyuri beach 3

It is explained by a pair of channels that appeared millions of years ago because of the water flow. Now they connect the Gulpiyuri beach with the bay and fill the lake with salt water, so the level of the lake rises together with the sea at full sea.

Fantastic Gulpiyuri beach 4

The place is good for those, who want to have a quiet rest, to have a swim and to sunbathe. The water here is warmed much faster than in the sea and the 40 meter wide beach may accommodate many tourists. Much to astonishment of the tourists, there is even a surf, and you may experience a storm. And one more advantage of the lake is that it doesn’t become soiled, though it’s not so large.

Fantastic Gulpiyuri beach 5

The lake is quite shallow, only about 1,8 meters deep, but it is enough for the tourists, who are coming here to have rest from a busy city. The beach reminds a shell in appearance, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains covered with greenery. A small oasis is one of the most secured places in Spain. Recently the tourists from all over the world are coming here to enjoy a wonderful beach, to sunbathe and to have a great rest in peace and quiet. The beach is the main place of interest in the town Llanesna.