Spiral Bridge in Oberhausen

The Slinky Springs To Fame bridge may resemble a popular spring toy that probably every child had at home since 1940s. The footbridge in the city of Oberhausen near Berlin is dedicated to such toy.

Spiral Bridge in Oberhausen 2

This state-of-the-art architectural structure built in 2001 greatly varies in size from its well-known toy predecessor. 500 rings that make up the bridge look like a huge snake slowly creeping over the river Rhine. The length of those rings equals to 406 meters (1332 ft). Tobias Rehberger, who worked on this project of a giant counterpart of the toy, as well as all those who participated in the bridge construction, had endeavored to ensure that the toy is a real masterpiece letting every onlooker feel a burst of excitement.

Spiral Bridge in Oberhausen 3

It is worth noting that the construction is very light, but nevertheless very solid. Several steel strips, made of high quality steel, are attached to the leaning support by use of a strong rope. The road for pedestrians is built of reinforced concrete slabs, bolts with ribbons and spiral fence.

Spiral Bridge in Oberhausen 4

Those who wish to see an amazing view of the spiral bridge should come to the site in the late evening or at night. As soon as the sun goes down, the bridge is lit in different colors and that creates an atmosphere of joy and fun. The place is really fascinating for children, while adults can recall their childhood when they played with a spring toy and had so much fun.

Spiral Bridge in Oberhausen 5

Nowadays designers and architects have realized the children’s game which is no longer a fantasy or a concoction. Those who love river cruises and like to admire an amazing scenery of the town, have the opportunity to go to the vessels, which can be found under the bridge. You can then go on a short cruise to feel all the charm of the river Rhine.