On the verge of a cliff – Castellfullite-de-la-Rock

Castellfullite-de-la-Rock settlement is in Catalonia. It is a real place of interest, as it is located on a 50 meter high cliff one kilometer long. This town appeared because of the lava collision. Igneous rock appeared to be convenient for building houses, as the buildings of igneous rock, made in the medieval times, remain untouched up to this time.

On the verge of a cliff  Castellfullite-de-la-Rock 2

The cliff is enclosed with steeps that are washed by Fluvia and Turunel rivers. The people, who live in Castellfullite-de-la-Rock have small vegetable gardens along the banks of these rivers. Besides their main function — growing vegetables, they are pretty decorations of the river banks.

On the verge of a cliff  Castellfullite-de-la-Rock 3

The settlement is considered to be a sight of the Gorocha park, which is a part of indurated territory. There are still about 70 volcanos here. Some of them still disgorge some dirt and ash. Definitely it is quite dangerous to live on that territory, nevertheless the inhabitants got used to the volcanos and made themselves comfortable in the places, where the rivers are close and the mountain air is fresh.

On the verge of a cliff  Castellfullite-de-la-Rock 4

Castellfullite-de-la-Rocks peculiarity is the only long street that is ended with a church. The houses are located in an interesting way; there are only two rows, as the cliff is very narrow. The population of the town is not so large, as it is impossible to build many houses and develop infrastructure here because of the cliffs’ size.

On the verge of a cliff  Castellfullite-de-la-Rock 5

The climate here is very humid and the clouds often go down from the mountains and create a unique, mysterious atmosphere. The location is stunning. The fresh mountain air and the smell of the surrounding trees empower and inspire people. The local people are engaged in different crafts; they gather the crops from their vegetable gardens every year and are fond of fishing.