Living statues in Barcelona

Barcelona is a world of fairy tales and illusions that both invent, who create? That’s right, the actors who appear to others in the form of sculptures. What’s interesting is that at first glance, very difficult to understand, it is a sculpture, or a living person, since they make up so that just no words.

Living statues in Barcelona 2

In Barcelona, probably the largest concentration of these living sculptures. Here, the actors of this genre is beneficial to almost everyone, since it is not only fun, but sometimes informative. After all these actors do not just stand, they can sometimes, and move, to change the place and a lot of interesting things to show tourists. This is particularly advantageous for those who here is your restaurant business.

Living statues in Barcelona 3

Tourists, these are people who for the sake to look at this beauty, will stop at nothing, even specifically reach a cafe, only to see or take pictures. But what is the disadvantage of this so-called business before you begin to speak, in the form of sculptures, the actor has to agree with the authorities. After all, for it can get rather big money, and the government has the chance not to miss.

Living statues in Barcelona 4

So, before you act, the actor must always report it, otherwise, it just did not happen. If we talk about other cities, then there is this little bit easier. That is, there may be on the streets of novice actors. That is, so they gain experience, and this is most important for an artist.

Living statues in Barcelona 5

I’d love to go to Spain and look at the living statues. And even for the sake of comparison, to see exactly how the actors play their roles in Spain and other cities and countries. And why not, because the actors are the same people who not only earn but also enjoy it as we are, ordinary tourists. Art should be appreciated in any form, even such an unusual, but very beautiful.