The resort village Eze

On the way to the Mediterranean coast of France, a sin not to drop or at least a few hours does not stay in one of the most picturesque corners of the province, a small resort village Eze, located just 12 kilometers from the famous Nice.
The resort village Eze 2

Eze is situated on top of a small cliff overlooking the sea (about 430 meters). Therefore, if you climb to the highest point of the village, where the medieval Church of the Holy Cross (Chapelle de la Sainte Croix), it opens a unique view of the Mediterranean Sea, framed by the magnificent sandy beach and lush green, one-story luxury villas.
The resort village Eze 3

The first historical mention of Eze are XX-XXI centuries. BC — during the excavations carried out by French archaeologists in the early nineteenth century, the remains of prehistoric human activity have been found. In later documents, the territory of the modern town, which is nine hundred years BC, is attributed to the Romans and the Moors, who drove in 973 King Guillaume Provencal.
The resort village Eze 4

The subsequent history of Eze, also abounds with interesting facts and events, starting with the submission to the House of Savoy and its conquest of the territory by the Turkish aggressors in the middle of the XVI century, which in 1706 expelled the King Louis XIV. With this in mind, each epoch left in the city face a unique trace.
The resort village Eze 5

If we talk about the history of the village (town) Eze, then to the sights worth seeing include two medieval churches Chapelle des Penitents-Blancs (Church penitent White Brotherhood) and the Church of the XVIII century Notre Dame de l’Assomption (Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin) . And, of course, the exotic garden, which has a large collection of cacti. However, the most interesting, for some tourists will be visiting two fairly well-known perfume factory Fragonard and Gallimard.