The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian

Bulgaria ever since the former sovetstkih Union, for many of our compatriots primarily associated with gorgeous Mediterranean resorts, dry wine and no less magnificent cigarettes made from the world-famous tobacco variety «Virginia». So things are now …
The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian 2

So that the small resort town of Balchik is not significantly fall out of this series. Except for the fact that settlements between tourists and owners of bars, hotels and other benefits of modern civilization, not produced in BGN, and in more hard currency, depicting not only the whole cohort of United States presidents, but also the kinds of historical sites in Europe.
The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian 3

Located along the coast rather extensive Balchik lagoon impresses all who come to this city located small but cozy hotels and private villas, drowning in the greenery of trees and ornamental shrubs, and the presence in the vicinity of Cape Kaliakra, creates in this resort town atmosphere truly fit for comfortable stay at any time of the year.
The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian 4

No wonder that in 1930 the Romanian Queen Maria, having been here, without hesitation, decided to build in Balchik his summer residence, and many of the «stars» of our time, in this small town, buy their properties for what would truly be a break from unlawfully lined nauseam already Hawaii, Tahiti and Madagascar.
The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian 5

So, if in winter you have some doubts about where to spend your summer vacation, you can not bother watching the numerous promotional leaflets and annoying advertising: the resort town of Balchik — this is the only correct solution and an excellent choice.