The uniqueness of the city of Brno

The city of Brno is the Czech Republic, but may be such that not everyone has heard about this city, but because of his history of no less unique than other countries. The name of the city literally means «armor». The most important thing is that this city at any time of the year simply unique and unusual.

The uniqueness of the city of Brno 2

To date, the city famous for the fact that it has a wonderful art galleries, such as the «Cultural Center of Brno», «Moravian Gallery», «Office» and others. Also, the city famous for its festivals of symphonic music and theater festivals. The most important thing is that such festivals going on throughout the summer season.

The uniqueness of the city of Brno 3

Besides festivals, there on the edge of the equipped racing track, where every year there are various competitions, some even on a global level. In order to see the historical sites, you will need to go down to the old part of the city. There is not only monuments, but also the historical museum. If we talk about the area, it is based on several areas, this vegetable market, and Freedom Square. Also, on Petrov Hill, which is located behind the old town, you can see the castle Špilberk, cathedral, Augustinian Monastery and more.

The uniqueness of the city of Brno 4

Some people call the city of Brno churches, as it is well-known churches such as the Red Church, Basilica of the Virgin Mary and others. In addition, the city can visit the Botanical Garden and the zoo. For those who love entertainment, you can visit the theaters, discos and other equally interesting places.

The uniqueness of the city of Brno 5

That is, we can say that the city is teeming with history, which is very interesting to know. And in order to do this, you just need to come here. You’ll love the city of Brno at first sight, because it is not just beautiful, but also unique in its history. While, for those who just want to relax, there are also beautiful beaches and places to relax as a family and with friends.