Holidays in Finland

Winter country Finland is an interesting place for summer holidays. If you decide to visit the state in the North of Europe and prefer a vacation in June, you should know in advance all about the intricacies of such tourism, only then the rest in Finland will be memorable and interesting throughout the trip.

Cool holidays in Finland

Summer in Finland is not very warm. In the first month of the so-called hot season, the air temperature does not rise above 10-12 degrees Celsius. In the northern part of the country at this time, even night frosts are possible, but this fact does not interfere with the endless stream of tourists who have chosen to rest in Finland, to migrate here.

In the Northern part of the European state mentioned above, in June a unique phenomenon is seen, namely «white nights» make Europeans, Asians and Americans sate for a trip to Finland. The sun in this summer period, as a rule, does not hide behind the horizon more than two months. The peculiarity of nature here is amazing, it’s not like at home and almost all tourists who have visited Finland agree to this.

Tours to Finland without rain

If you are interested in traveling to Finland without rain, June is an ideal month, characterized by a lack of rainfall. Of course, no one guarantees a complete absence of falling moisture from the sky, but here is the fact that the first month of summer is the driest is a fact. As for August, this is the rainiest month, at this time the tours to Finland are completely filled with moisture.

A variety of hotels in Finland are happy to welcome guests all year round. It does not matter what season you came in, it’s still better to book accommodation in advance. Map of Finland will help you make the right choice of a hotel complex. Give preference to hotels near the regional centers or not far from the brightest sights. You can ask advice in the travel agency or draw on thematic sites on the Internet.

Do not forget to take a photo of Finland

Rest in summer in the north of Europe — an extraordinary journey among the amazing flora and fauna. The camera will be the most useful device that will fit in your luggage. Photos of Finland will certainly serve as a kind of «time machine». Looking at the pictures, you can always mentally return to those amazing places of the North, which you managed to visit more recently. I also wanted to note that rest in Finnish will bring into your life experience and as experienced lovers of «cool» tourism say, travel changes people, changes their worldview and even life goals.