Rest in France

France is a unique country. It is not only rich in various sights, but also due to special climatic conditions it is accessible for tourists practically all year round. If you want a holiday in France to please you with a mild climate, it’s better to go there in the autumn.

Rest in France for lovers of outdoor activities

They say that autumn in France is a continuation of summer. There is enough warm and mild weather, rains in the beginning of autumn are rare and there is no need for warm things. And on the Cote d’Azur at this time the real «velvet season» begins. But real pleasure in France will bring those who like to relax actively.

September is the best time for visiting museums, exhibitions, parks. You will not be indifferent to walking, because it is better to study any city on foot. Also at this time in the famous French shops begins the season of sales, so you can treat yourself to a pair of new clothes.

Where to go to France in autumn

If you are planning a trip to France, it is better to decide in advance with your route in order not to miss anything. For example, in mid-September in France, the collection of grapes begins, and this event is associated with various wine festivals in such provinces as Bordeaux, the Loire Valley and Champagne. Also, a grandiose wine festival takes place in September in the city of Shenov in the province of Burgundy.

In addition, rest in autumn in France will not leave indifferent fans of puppet theaters. In Charleville at this time is a grand international festival. Fans of culinary arts will appreciate the holidays of chestnut, cider, shukruta, fish and spices in October. In November travelers will be pleased with such exhibitions as: «Salon of chocolate» in Paris, and in Toulouse «Antique Salon». The main thing is that you always have a map of France at hand, then you will not miss anything interesting.

In November, snow falls in mountainous regions, which does not melt even in spite of warm weather. At this time ski tours to France are gaining popularity.

Advantages of autumn rest

Autumn is probably the most romantic time of year in France. In place of the summer bustle comes a quiet, measured rest and, despite the fact that the weather is still very warm, many hotels in France are reducing prices for rooms. Photos of France during this period are beautiful, they are filled with some incredible magic and will long remind you of the most unforgettable rest.