Holidays in Portugal

European tours in the West itself are unusual, especially if you have planned a holiday in Portugal in July. The summer season in this country is hot, besides, if you want to choose a perfect tour, you need to assess in advance the climatic characteristics of a particular locality separately. Analyze the weather by cities.

Unforgettable holidays in Portugal

What is the map of Portugal — like a small state on the edge of Europe, but how many wonderful places here … The popularity of this republic has only acquired a few dozen years ago. Of course, the western state visited vacationers before, but today we can safely say that the rest in Portugal is in the list of the most popular destinations among the world’s travel agencies.

The most common week-long trip to Portugal in the middle of summer will be characterized by warmth and dryness. In the afternoon, the air warms up to a maximum of 29-30 degrees, the night here it is cool, sometimes dropping to 18-19 degrees Celsius. Rest in summer here is windy. South-eastern winds are predominantly blowing. Sometimes in the night time gusts of the north-western direction are possible. By the end of the month, air flows are increasing.

Sunny tours to Portugal

At the end of July this hospitable state will offer vacationers a full sea vacation. Tours to Portugal in the middle of summer can be called beach. Water warms up to 23 degrees, which may well be suitable even for bathing children. Hotels in Portugal during this period work in all manner, various services, high service, parties — all for tourists.

The sky in the middle of summer is mostly clear, cloudiness is possible 2-3 times in all thirty days. Rest in July in the west can be spent with children, with friends and even alone. The main thing in advance to pick up a hotel and make a plan of events. Choose the itinerary carefully and intelligently. In Portugal, you can easily save money if you think through all the nuances.

Unforgettable photos of Portugal as a hint

To travel brought only positive emotions, it is important to organize a tour in advance. Do not assume the entire responsibility for the quality of the trip to the travel company, try to also make a hand in organizing your own leisure. Photos of Portugal will help to imagine the visual future of foreign pastime. And the tourism websites will tell you what to expect from this holiday.