Early spring in Vienna and Prague

Early spring is an ideal time for a small, harmonious holiday in one of the picturesque capitals of Western Europe. What is remarkable about this time? In March, prices remain at the level of February, and the number of interesting and colorful events that can be seen abroad, with the passing of winter only grows.

Prague or Vienna?

Today we will talk about spring holidays in these cities. Both the Czech Republic and Austria are cities with the oldest history and extraordinary culture, which annually attracts thousands of Russian tourists to their capitals. There is everything for high-quality entertainment and cognitive pastime: historical and cultural monuments, clubs, museums, shopping centers, architectural complexes. You can book a hotel in Prague in advance and save a lot on vacation.

In March, various festivals are held in these capitals, Easter fairs are organized. In Vienna, traditionally ends ballroom extravaganza, and in Prague, as part of the festival «Dnů evropského filmu» in theaters, European novelties are broadcast.

Weather in Vienna and Prague in early spring

In March in early April in Prague and Vienna, the temperature rarely exceeds the 10 ° C mark. The average temperature is around 5 ° C. At night 0 ° C, sometimes -1 ° C. Going on a trip to Western Europe, keep a warm jacket and hat. On a significant warming with lush vegetation and kidneys on trees, do not even hope. March is a philosophical time in these countries, when it is necessary to enjoy the slow transition of winter to spring and enjoy the first clear days.

Nevertheless, wandering the streets of Vienna and Prague is much more pleasant and comfortable in the early spring. Despite the huge popularity of Christmas tours to Western Europe, icy winds and snowfalls contribute little to the admission to the beautiful. And in March — God himself ordered.

Prices for holidays in Vienna and Prague in early spring

The end of March and the beginning of April in the understanding of tour operators — the period of the off-season. What does it mean? You can relax in the beautiful hotels of Vienna or Prague at a «winter» price, and the entertainment program in the city will be already «spring», that is bright, rich and interesting.

In Prague, to settle in a good three-star hotel in March it will be possible for ridiculous money, from 600 rubles per night. The early spring Vienna will be more expensive, but you can still find cheap Vienna hotels. For a day in a hotel room with 3 stars you have to pay from 2000 rubles.

In spring all the most interesting in the capitals of the Czech Republic and Austria takes place on the streets and squares. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, carefully study its geography.