Burano Island

Burano Island is located in the northern part of the Venetian lagoon, the center of Venice, it is located at a distance of 7 kilometers. This island is considered an island of this city quarter. Generally, Burano island feel fabulous world, hidden from the bustle and noise of Venice. Any person who first steps on the island, covers a strange sense of calm and vitality. On this island, absolutely all the houses are painted in bright colors.

Burano Island 2

The Burano Island has its own history, and local residents are offended when they are called by the Venetians. This name, the island was most likely due to the strong north-east wind «Bora» that blows from the Gulf of Trieste. Residents of the island for centuries, earning a living by engaging in fishing. According to legend, fishermen’s wives came up to paint your home in different bright colors of the rainbow to their husbands returning from fishing, could see from afar his home.

Burano Island 3

To date, the law of the municipality of the Burano Island, says that if you choose some specific color for the house, it can not be changed. Can it change only the new owners. The main attraction on the island is St. Martin’s Church.

Burano Island 4

Residents of the island are very welcome greeted their guests, they are willing to talk and smile, and continually offer to buy something. Any tourist will remember this fabulous island with its bright colors, and hospitable hosts. Many tourists come back here, to this unusual city for repeat trips.

Burano Island 5

From history: The Burano Island began life as a fishing village. By 1923 he had developed and was upset to the city level, and became a quarter of the city on the water. Besides bright houses, where you can visit the Museum of Venetian lace, and the temple with the bell tower tilted.