Pavlopetri is the city that is not on the map

Mankind has always been interested in places where a lot of secrets and mysteries. Since it is stored there a long tradition that, for one reason or another, have been lost.Pavlopetri is the city that is not on the map 2

Take, for example, a city like Pavlopetri. About him almost nothing is known as an ancient sunken city, which was found recently off the coast of Laconia in Greece. In 1904, a geologist Fokin, went to the coast to start their studies there and came across the sunken city, which he said the Greek government. But at the time, he said no one believed, as there were no facts nor the means to test his theory.
Pavlopetri is the city that is not on the map 3

In 1967, another researcher measured the bottom of the sea and is also able to detect where the sunken city, which is located at a depth of 4 meters under water. Exactly one year later, it was a detailed map of where to give a full description of the location of a prehistoric city. There you can view not only old buildings but also streets and even some areas. In order to reliably know how and what, people lived in this city, a study was conducted at least 15 buildings and a cemetery was found, etc.
Pavlopetri is the city that is not on the map 4

According to those results, which failed to investigate the archaeologists found out that the first time the city was inhabited by people Pavlopetri 2800 BC. Although the buildings that are there, dates back to the Mycenaean period, starting from 1680 and ending in 1180 BC. But there is some data that suggest that the town was inhabited by people back in the 4th century BC.
Pavlopetri is the city that is not on the map 5

This is an amazing discovery that want to explore and because in 2009, the study resumed, but with high-tech equipment. This made it possible to create a unique picture of the past of the city. We need to learn from the residents of the city, as people knew much more then than we are now. It is better to see once than to read or watch videos on the Internet.