Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts

China is one of the oldest countries that exist in the world. In addition, it has a lot of interest, as this is where a martial art originated as wushu. Translates it corny is the art of war. And of course Wushu — this is not gymnastics. It is a formidable weapon in the right hands. A notorious Kung Fu — a misnomer, which appeared due to Bruce Lee. It’s just a family style martial arts — Wing Chun …

Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts 2

Shaolin Temple … Many may have heard the name. It is here that originated the main styles of wushu, and the concept of martial arts. The legend says that an unknown monk-hermit sailed on Yanzy cane branch and asked for the night in a little while the Buddhist Shaolin Temple. It was the legendary Da Mo (Bodhitharma). He then showed the monks 36 movements, which still adorn the wall in one of the halls of the monastery. It is still clearly visible dents on the stone floor of the legs engaged, and a thousand times a thousand who attacked here, honing his skills.

Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts 3

The monastery is located in the Songshan Mountains, they are two and a half hours from the city of Zhengzhou. Due to the fact that the city is well located, it has become the most profitable, as it is now a large shopping center, as well as financial market. In China, Wushu is not just a sport but a way of life. The sport is not confined to the young, but also older people. To learn more about Shaolin, you need to go there and see everything. Near the monastery there is a cave Da Mo, which still see his shadow. The lotus monk sat in contemplation for several years, and the sun stamped his shadow on the stone.

Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts 4

Unfortunately, the fact that the monastery was built in 495 year old buildings almost did not survive. And all because in the last century, in the twenties, the monastery was burned, and 90 percent of all buildings were destroyed. For a long time the monastery was empty and only in the 80s people started to collect money to rebuild the monastery. In addition, people began to look for those who fled from these places. They ran on the grounds that they were persecuted.

Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts 5

The monastery was rebuilt, and the tradition began observing again, but there are some that do not allow, right up to 2007. But no matter how hard the monks to revive the spirit that prevailed in postdaossky period to the end of it is still not possible. Strolling through the park, you can see a large number of monuments. Also there, alley, which earlier held a workout. Also, in the monastery, there is an ancient well. In the monastery there is a hall, which is called the «Hall of Three Buddhas.» It is here that all the most important and rewarding ceremony. And, of course, is a forest of pagodas. Each of them was built in honor of each abbot, who was at the monastery. What is important, the higher the pagoda, or rather, its levels, the more merit had a servant.