Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia

The Guinness Book of Records has a historical mention about the amazing church of Saint Theodora. This temple was built in the 12th century in memory of the most Theodore, who was considered a saint. The church was built in a village called Vasto, in the city of Arcadia. At the moment, many pilgrims visit the church throughout the year, to bow down before the Holy One, and to admire this unique structure.

Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia 2

About St., steeped in legend and one of them goes like this. During the Byzantine era, each family had to select one man to serve in the army. If those in the family was not, it was necessary to hire a mercenary and to pay for it. Theodora’s family, she was the oldest, and she decided to change into a man and join the army. For her courage, her increase, and is now in command of a detachment of troops. But it so happened that another woman loved her and because of that Theodor she constantly refused, she did evil, became pregnant by another soldier, but pointed it at her.

Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia 3

It was a meanly by the girl, and for Theodora meant either death or marriage. But even under pain of death, Theodore did not reveal his secret. At the place of execution, a chapel was built, which was buried Theodore.

Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia 4

This small church of Saint Theodora and to this day, stands in the river flow that crosses the gorge. And despite the fact that the church is not large, it surprises visitors that are on the roof of seventeen trees that do not have roots.

Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia 5

One thing surprised a tree without roots, and the fact that she did not give their secrets and died for their poor parents, it is a feat to which not everyone is able today. Not everyone will be able to depart this life, even the most courageous. And because the church is considered holy to the end of the century. And we will always remember her.