The monastery Valaam Island

Valaam Island, today, has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The island covers 27.8 square kilometers, a length of 9.6 kilometers. Translated name of the island means «high land».

The monastery Valaam Island 2

Is an island in the northern part of Lake Ladoga, in addition, the island also has a small village. The main attraction of the village is Stauropegial monastery. The base of the monastery fell to 10-11 century, but in the 16th century the monastery was almost destroyed because of the fact that the military is constantly in conflict with the Swedes. And at the moment in the monastery there were more than 600 people.

The monastery Valaam Island 3

Due to the fact that there were constant wars, fires and instability in the 18th century this led to the fact that in the monastery there, only 11 people. Having gone through all the disasters in the 19th century, the monastery began to revive again. It was built of stone temples in secret facilities, as well as the bell tower was built, which was the height of 72 meters. In addition, the monastery also was a bell that established in honor of the apostle Andrew, and weighed 1000 pounds. Tests for the monastery did not end there, because after the October Revolution, the brothers split up into several parts. Some of them, who were much stronger in spirit, went to Siberia. When it was World War II, there was and is a home for the disabled.

The monastery Valaam Island 4

Today, the monastery is a monument of Russian architecture, and each year it attracts thousands of tourists, pilgrims, as well as novices. But the statistics, only one in twenty novices withstand the charter of the monastery, as well as take vows. Today, there are 200 monks.

The monastery Valaam Island 5

Those who truly believe in God, strive to get into the monastery, what would it it is not worth it. Here the relics of the saints are pilgrimage program, read the believers, etc. Yes, and it’s just a very beautiful place on the planet.