The highest ladder in the world

Today, a person who is accustomed to all sorts of facilities, can not imagine what a climb stairs, to a great height. Only those people who love adventure and the unknown, can not afford to walk on the stone bridge, which is located on the island of Gastelugache. This is not a large island, which is in the land of Basque.

The highest ladder in the world 2

Attraction of the island is that it has a steep and at the same time, man-made staircase that connects the island itself, with the main continent. According to the official source, is the staircase of 237 steps, but not every person dare to test this fact.

The highest ladder in the world 3

If you look on a ladder from a height, that, at first glance, it’s cool winds and climbs high up to the top of the island. Upstairs, there is a small chapel, which, according to historians, was built in about 9-10 centuries. Those tourists who do go upstairs, very tired, but can make a wish and then strike the bell for good luck. A particularly nice view, which opens from the top, it is simply impossible to forget.

The highest ladder in the world 4

But if we compare the ladder, which is on Gastelugache and one that is on the island of Oahu, it’s just heaven and earth, as it is simply unrealistic to high lift. Although the staircase was not built for tourists, and by the military. But they do not interfere in the affairs of tourists if they want to climb up, they and no one interferes, because stairs are too steep and it can climb, only Extreme-loving people. Lifting height of 850 meters, and the view here is several times better than wherever else.

The highest ladder in the world 5

If you start to list the highest ladder in the world, do not forget about the spiral staircase of China. Stairs, 91 meters high, was created especially for extremists, but before that, you will certainly be examined by a doctor.