The eco-clean house — Nest

With the development of modern technologies such as direct construction of buildings and building materials themselves, a growing number of the world’s population begins to think about the environmental friendliness of their homes. After all, our home, or the same office, as the primary medium of our habitat, greatly affect our health.

The eco-clean house - Nest 2

A closer examination of the problem, the factors affecting our health, there are quite a large number. In this respect, it is worth noting not only the quality and chemical composition of building materials, and this, and supporting structures, and the same finishing materials that surround us for quite some time.

The eco-clean house - Nest 3

And if, living in high-rise buildings, made usually of reinforced concrete or sand-lime brick standard, we are very limited in the choice of means, to create an eco-clean house, the presence of opportunities away from home just on the ground, making it a very real desire. Given this circumstance, many of today’s architects and designers, offering a wide variety of innovative solutions for the creation of just such, environmentally clean home.

The eco-clean house - Nest 4

And if you do not push off from the creation of such a dwelling of expensive building materials, and as a basis of experience of our ancestors. Who were inclined to an ascetic life and severe minimalism, the experience of the French architects of modern design studio Studio 1984 can be quite a good example of creating not only eco-clean house, but also to minimize the costs necessary for the implementation of such projects.

The eco-clean house - Nest 5

Their project carried out under the name «Jack» and built in just three weeks, just affects not only the list of basic construction materials, but also the originality of the design of this house made of pressed straw and wooden beams and rails. And, despite the apparent fragility of this design French Nest, during the year, stood, not only in the autumn weather, but the winter cold and snow.