Attraction for cyclists or traveling around Europe

For those who traveled to Europe and first visited Combau Laval, on this rather original route, it seems that it was specially built for cyclists. However, this is slightly wrong.

Traveling in Europe for extreme cyclist

It seems that the high-altitude Combe Laval route was laid in the Alps specially for cyclists, is created for the reason that any journey through Europe is usually accompanied with endless traffic jams, especially in those places where the high-speed line approaches a large settlement. But on the Comb Laval you will not see this except for rare cars and sightseeing buses. However, in fact, the affairs of this alpine freeze are so that the whole truth of its existence is more pragmatic than the construction of the same bicycle paths in the center of any European metropolis or the construction of free bicycle parking somewhere in the center of Paris or London.

And if you look at the not so distant history of Combal Laval, then there are such interesting facts that punching in this rocky Alpine this tortuous and not safe way, the local owners of forest harvesting enterprises made it necessary to transport the forest cut down high in the mountains to the processing enterprises located in the valley. However, having existed since 1987, the high-altitude Komb Laval highway, as some transport artery of the French Alps, has exhausted itself somewhat, because the deforestation was so intensive that almost no industrial wood reserves existed in logging near the 2000s, and the road laid in the mountains simply emptied.

The second life of the high mountain route

But, as they say in one proverb, «a holy place is long empty,» and bicycled tourists started to learn the road that had become empty from heavy-duty timber trucks, for which the journey along the Combal Laval route was not only a great rest, but also a kind of test of strength and endurance, as the cyclist , and his two-wheeled «horse». After all, despite the rather good asphalt coating of the track, it is a rather difficult test for any cyclist in terms of its terrain.

So, to date, Combe Laval tourism of this region of France is developing precisely due to cycling tourism. Not to mention the category of travelers who come here to simply admire the unique mountain views and make a dozen great photos, which you can show on your web page.

Getting to Comba Laval

So, as the high-altitude Combe Laval route is located between the two main cities, namely Saint-Jean-en-Royan and Col de la Mashin, reaching one of them by the tourist bus from the same Paris, Leon or Nice, and this On average, three hundred kilometers you can enjoy all the beauties of this corner of the French Alps.