What are we waiting for on a trip to France?

So, you have to travel to France … Contradictory and mysterious, beckoning to yourself the sounds of chanson and the intoxicating perfume aroma. A country of courageous musketeers, similar in spirit to a beautiful young and romantic girl. Legislator of fashion, refined cuisine and fine wine. This is the smallest part of what can be said about France.

Travel to France

You can study France on classical and modern literature, films, culinary recipes … However, only a trip to France will allow you to feel all its charm, you will never understand all the charm of this country.

When planning a trip to this wonderful country, you need to take into account that this is a trip across Europe, and this is the country of the Schengen treaty, and for her visit you will need a visa of this particular pattern. To obtain a visa, you need a document about a paid hotel in France or an invitation from a resident of the country. It is necessary to present the passport and passport of Russia, as well as insurance for all countries of the Schengen Agreement for the period of stay in the country.

To see Paris, and to die

Of course, do not take this expression literally. But, emotions will abound! The tourist, first of all, of course, needs to find someone who will help in a short time to taste the spirit of the capital, and with this, undoubtedly, the best Russian-speaking guide in Paris will cope. And start studying Paris with a tour of the Eiffel Tower, and then take a walk on the river tram along the Seine, the pier is nearby. You will see a unique city, breathe in the fragrance of real France. The trip will take about an hour, and you will again get to the Eiffel Tower.

A trip to France will bring a lot of impressions at any time of the year. Family couples with children should definitely visit Paris Disneyland and, of course, in the Asterix Park, where you will go for a long ride on attractions and make wonderful family photos of France, and its attractions.

To visit Paris and not see Versailles will be an unforgivable omission on your part. The palace and park complex is located in the suburbs of Paris. In Versailles, you can hire a personal Russian-speaking guide.

Louvre and its surroundings

The Louvre impresses with its titanic size and the richest history. To inspect the Louvre, we advise you to take a few days to see everything through.

The time spent at the Louvre will definitely awaken your appetite. In the area of the famous museum a large number of restaurants. The menu in them, as a rule, in all languages, including Russian. But, the prices here are designed for tourists and can be directly said, not cheap. Better go to the Latin Quarter or quarter in the area of the House of Disabled. It takes you about 15 minutes by foot. Prices in cafes and restaurants in these areas are much more democratic.

The Loire Valley

The valley, sung by poets, is truly a fabulous and popular place for tourists. It is also called the «Valley of Kings» or «Valley of Castles». In total there are more than sixty castles in the valley. The castles of the Loire are real masterpieces of French architecture. They open the veil in one of the most mysterious epochs of the country.

Provence — rural idyll

In the south-east of France is located a truly fabulous corner — Provence. This corner will tell much more about real France than Paris itself. Provence will meet you with endless lavender fields and the tranquility of olive trees. Here you will have unforgettable views of the mountains of Mont-Vanto and the cliffs of Les Baux. You will see the huge vineyards of Gigond. Fine wines, the original cuisine is all Provence.

On France you can talk endlessly. However, no, even the brightest story, can be compared with personal impressions and emotions.