Rest in summer in sunny Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the Greek island of Crete. And also its tourist, cultural and economic center. The developed infrastructure offers the city’s guests a summer holiday: various restaurants; chic boutiques and small street shops; cozy cafes filled with the aromas of traditional cuisine and freshly brewed coffee, pebble and sandy beaches.

The best summer and winter holidays

The rich history of the city, which dates back to the 9th century, the cultural heritage and beautiful nature attract a large stream of tourists every year to rest in summer and winter in this sunny region. The climate in the resort is Mediterranean. In summer, the temperature of the air keeps around 27-30 degrees. The heat does not cause discomfort, thanks to a pleasant sea breeze.

The picturesque landscapes of Heraklion, the gentle sea, the rich cultural and historical heritage and the dynamic rhythm of the city will not leave indifferent the guests of the sunny capital of Crete, which cordially opens its arms with typical Greek hospitality.

Plunge into the rich past of the city will help the Historical Museum, which among other things, stores the work of Cretan icon painters. No less interesting is the Archaeological Museum, where Minoan artifacts are exhibited. The Ruins of Knossos Palace, thanks to which the myths about the Minotaur were born, are very popular. In the vicinity of the city is worth visiting the remains of the ancient city of Festos. From entertainment attractions, in order to escape from history, you should see the famous aquarium of Greece «Sea World», where all the inhabitants of the underwater world of the Crete coast are gathered.

Holidays in Cyprus

Hotels in Heraklion are for every taste and price category — from luxury hotels with spa-salons and business centers to inexpensive cozy «treshkas». But irrespective of the star, the resort’s hotels are distinguished by polite service, unobtrusive service and thoughtful numbers down to the smallest detail. In some rooms are quality, but easy-to-serve coffee machines that you can buy from us at.

You can try numerous gastronomic delights in numerous taverns, restaurants, cafes, where not only local but also European cuisine is served, try freshly brewed coffee. A popular treat here is seafood. Dishes from fish, cooked according to old recipes, are served in almost all the establishments of the city. Will also please desserts. For example, baklava with honey, local yoghurts, freshly baked pies.

How to get to Heraklion

Airport to them. Nikos Kazantzakis is located five kilometers from the city. In summer, it accepts direct flights from Russia, also it can be reached by flights with transfers in Europe, or by local airlines from the airport in Athens.