Holidays in Greece in the autumn

Greece has long been popular with Russian tourists. Even glancing at the forum of countries, this country becomes a clear favorite on positive feedback. And, indeed, at any time of the year this country beckons with magnificent nature, ancient architecture and European quality of tourist service. Rest in Greece fascinates all year round — it’s beaches and ski resorts, it’s delicious traditional cuisine, high-quality wine.

Why rest in Greece is so popular, even in autumn

What to do when you go on vacation in Greece, in the fall? It’s not for nothing that tourists call this period a velvet season: warmth, it becomes much less tourists, and prices are pleasantly reduced. At this time the beach type of rest is still relevant, as the water in the sea is pleasant and warm, and the sun gives a golden tan without burning.

In autumn, the flow of tourists visiting Greece, rushes to sightseeing — there are no habitual crowds scampering at the cashier’s in the summer, so visiting ancient historical monuments will take place in a quiet atmosphere of reverence and contemplation. Autumn is the time of various holidays and festivals in Greece. At the end of October, the feast of chestnuts gathers tourists who are pleased to drink local flavor, are treated to young wine and, of course, roasted chestnuts.

Holidays in Greece

Also, tourists will definitely enjoy the holiday, arranged in Athens, in honor of the wine. During the celebration, tourists will also see Greece from the inside, enjoy national dances and taste local wines. The central part of Greece is mostly a European standard of living, noisy city streets, offices, hotels and restaurants. To find Greece better, you need to go to the mountainous part of Greece. Residents of these areas are friendly, hospitable and easy to communicate.

In addition to the usual and main resort towns, a string of tourists visit the famous islands of Greece, where life rages in the fall. Those who want to retire from the city noise go to the island of Folegandros or to the island of Anafi. For those who are more interested in a noisy and cheerful life, they go to Santorini, offering the tourist beautiful landscapes, snow-white sand and ancient sights — all that is necessary for a beautiful impression of Greece.

Autumn is a time of widening the horizons in Greece. There are many different tours, offering tours of all available routes, museums and other attractions. Undoubtedly, the rest spent in Greece to remember for a long time, but to return to this wonderful country will want as soon as possible.