What do you know about the state of Romania? There they eat corn mash. There they shot the dictator Ceausescu. Count Dracula lived there. What else? And still there live tvants, unique stones that can grow and are even able to reproduce! It’s all fiction — you can say — this can not be, it’s some kind of joke. But such stones really exist.

Tvrenty 2

Trovants — growing stones of Romania

What are these most talents? Why do they grow and where can I look at them? Externally, tvants are not much different from banal, non-growing stones. Like the most common boulders, they have licked forms, do not have sharp chipping (unless, of course, they hit something hard and strong). A plain gray stone. But it can grow. How does this happen? Magic?

The nature is amazing. Many manifestations of natural processes look like magic. But it’s just Nature. It lies to itself a boulder, in appearance — a banal stone. But then it rained and — about a miracle! — our boulder began to increase in size! The stones grow like mushrooms-raincoats! Even a small, for a couple of kilograms, a boulder is able to grow into a boulder per ton of weight. And small tvants grow faster than large ones.

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Some interesting facts from the «life» of tvants: if you carefully cut this stone, we will find concentric rings very similar to the annual rings of trees; Sometimes, after moistening, a convexity may appear on the surface of the tongue, which will gradually increase and, reaching a relatively large size, break away from the «mother» stone, forming a new, small tvantik.

Such amusing talent is very popular among tourists exploring the world. Their fame and amazing features create a lot of idle conjectures and fantastic hypotheses about the origin and development of these stones. In fact, there is no «magic». There are normal natural processes that can look much more interesting than any human invention. Troughs are concretions of sandstone, the result of a long process of cementation of sedimentary rocks.

Making a trip to Romania, be sure to get acquainted with the exposition of the unique «Museum of Tvants», an open-air museum where a lot of these stones are collected, from small to ten-meter giants.

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How to get to the Museum of Tvrents

The museum is located on the territory of Judet Valcea, west of Bucharest. In the center of the town of Rymnicu Vilcea you can get from the capital by bus. And in this very city you can get to the museum through the excursion service.