The smallest capital of Europe: Ljubljana

If on your forthcoming vacation you decided to see Europe with one «swing», then, in principle, it is not necessary to buy a tourist tour for a comfortable bus, the route of which runs through the capitals of Western Europe, it is enough to visit such a city as Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. After all, this city, at least, is Europe in miniature.

Travel around Europe: Ljubljana

In this case, the statement made in the title is not only a tribute to the small size of this city and the number of inhabitants inhabiting it, but also to the friendly atmosphere that is present in Ljubljana almost everywhere. Starting from the same taxi drivers meeting you at the station or airport Ljubljana and finishing with cute, street vendors offering you all sorts of gastronomic delights and souvenirs. Proceeding from this, Ljubljana is the best option for making your next trip around Europe the most comfortable and memorable for any category of travelers.

The smallest capital of Europe Ljubljana 2

And if we talk about the comfort of such a trip, then first of all it should be noted that in Ljubljana there is where to stay for travelers with any level of prosperity and preferences. So in particular, among more than two hundred hotels in the capital of Slovenia, about a hundred there are such that the proposed service will not only arrange a freshman student saving on living every dollar, but also those who came just to relax, and not to lie in the luxurious rooms with Air conditioning, mini-bar and wireless Wi-Fi router.

Attractions Ljubljana

At the same time, if you came to Ljubljana, to see the sights of Europe here and enjoy its many parks, and in between you can rest comfortably and just dine, then at your disposal are the magnificent apartments of the same Grand Hotel Union, located in the very center of the capital of Slovenia. In a five-star hotel, where not only first-class rooms and impeccable service, but also an excellent cuisine. And if you believe the numerous reviews of visitors to this hotel, then at least it is worth trying such culinary delights of national Slovene cuisine as Prekmurska gibanica (puff pastry Prekmurye) or tighter Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage) in its restaurant at least.

The smallest capital of Europe Ljubljana 3

And if closer to the evening you are a little tired of the abundance of historical attractions in Ljubljana, then having dinner, without any problems you can slightly diversify your evening by visiting a variety show of another visiting foreign rock group or join the higher art at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet.