Travel to important places in Russia

Many on summer vacation go abroad and this is really a sensible approach, because you want to see new countries, get acquainted with another culture and relieve tension. However, there are many beautiful, interesting and even significant places on the territory of Russia where you can have a great time, learn more about the history of the state. In particular, a trip to the Golden Ring and a visit to St. Petersburg will be very informative.

Путешествие по значимым местам России 2

Where to go?

If you are interested in the cultural life of the country, then it’s worth to visit Petersburg, buying private tours in st petersburg. It is here that many beautiful buildings were built, and Peterhof is recommended for viewing to every tourist. Unfortunately the palace was completely destroyed during the Second World War, but it was recreated from the pictures and memory again. The adjacent territory of the palace complex is no less interesting. It is nice to walk, enjoy the silence and admire the active fountains in the summer season. When Peterhof is studied, you can go on a short trip to other important sights. For example, visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Kazan Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and other significant buildings that have gone down in history.

Путешествие по значимым местам России 3

If Petersburg plunges into European life and as is known, Peter I «cut through a window to Europe», then a trip along the Golden Ring is an acquaintance with the history of Russia. Here you will see old churches and buildings built in the Old Russian style. We can say that such cities as Vladimir, Suzdal and other settlements of this route have preserved a truly Russian spirit. In no other city of Russia you can not plunge into the atmosphere of the past. Many cities were built during the USSR, and unfortunately they are all typical. The Golden Ring will introduce you to real Russia, when it had a vivid identity.

Other places of rest

If we talk about the resort life, then of course it is worth traveling to the Krasnodar Territory or the Crimea. There are many beautiful places here, and such resort centers as Anapa have long been equipped. Every year tens of thousands of people come here, both from the near abroad and from remote areas of the Russian Federation. Recently, Crimea has become particularly popular, and to book a room in the hotel, you have to take care of this in advance. If you want to visit Sochi, then make a trip, as the city becomes more beautiful and attractive in terms of tourism.