Indonesian Lake Matano on Sulawesi

In the distant Indonesia, on the southern coast of the island of Sulawesi is Lake Matano, which is included in the list of the deepest lakes in the world. The total surface area of the Indonesian lake is 164 square meters and a maximum depth of 590 meters.

Indonesian Lake Matano on Sulawesi 2

Matano is one of the most amazing natural phenomena, which is famous for its crystal-clear waters, the beauty of the surrounding nature and the presence of unique underwater inhabitants.

Indonesian Lake Matano on Sulawesi 3

Of course the most important advantage of Lake Matano, of tectonic origin, is considered to be a virgin, untouched by man purity of the local water, which provides a small population of freshwater state. If you look at the depth of a surface of the lake, we can see what is happening at the bottom, up to 15 meters, which allows local residents and visiting tourists to dive to the bottom of the reservoir without any lighting.

Indonesian Lake Matano on Sulawesi 4

The lake is part of a Sulawesi island system consisting of 5 small lakes, which are Matano, can boast the natural beauty of the unique and unusual species of colorful fish. The composition of the bottom of the water column contains a considerable amount of iron compounds and low amounts of oxygen, so the main inhabitants of the lake are rare endemic species of fish and microorganisms. Most of the fish live near the surface, as for them the most comfortable stay, you must have sunlight and clean water.

Indonesian Lake Matano on Sulawesi 5

Microorganisms also found only at the bottom of the lake, many of them unique, and is famous for being adapted to the process of photosynthesis without the use of oxygen. These distinctive characteristics of the lake, attracts here is not only excellent, but also scientists from all over the world. And on the coast of the territory of the local waters are ancient rainforests and mountain hills. In the margins of the surface lies a lot of beautiful beaches, where you can relax and play sports.