Invitation to Vietnam for a visa

Going on vacation, we always have time to think about where we will go to rest. You can go to Europe and buy a tour to Montenegro, and enjoy the beauty of the Balkan Peninsula. Feel the good nature of the hosts and listen to a rather amusing but Slavic speech … And you can go to Asia …

Awesome Vietnam

Asia always attracted travelers. Today, it is not difficult to receive an invitation to Vietnam for a visa. But it’s worth it. This is an amazingly beautiful country, which has no less fairytale history and architecture.

From the east and south, Vietnam has access to the South China Sea. The country includes a lot of islands, all sizes. In total, in the South China Sea, there are two archipelagos belonging to Vietnam, this is Paracelstvo of the island and Spatli. The largest island in the country is the island of Fukuok. This island in its area can be compared with Singapore. Most tourists make a trip to Fukuok and Kondao, which are famous for their excellent climate.

The island of Kondao is considered a popular place for fishing and eco-tourism. But the island of Fukuok has a fairly developed tourist infrastructure. Most recently, tourism began to develop on the islands located near Nyachang. The island of Fukuok is 40 km away from the mainland. The island is distinguished by beautiful beaches with sand, which are framed by tropical forests.

Paracel Islands have no population, the islands differ in their small size. Spalts do not have a permanent population, however, 4 airports are located on their territory, and the archipelago is a fishing area. In addition, huge deposits of gas and oil were discovered on their territory. The islands belong not only to Vietnam, they also form part of China, Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The Kondao Archipelago

Among other things, the archipelago under the name Kondao belongs to the islands of this country, this archipelago includes one large island with the same name and 18 small islands. These islands are the most popular among tourists in the country. The island of Kondo has a chic vegetation, and the areas near the shore are simply teeming with fish, and there are interesting live animals in the coastal waters called dugongs and turtles. There are about twenty beautiful beaches on the island.

Bach Long Vee Island is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, which belongs to Haiphong. For the fishing industry of the state these places play a huge role. Next to this island is the island of Lan Chau. Very close to the island is Ngu island, all islands are a kind of protection for the coast of the mainland from the waves, which are often formed under the influence of strong winds. Near the province of Kuang, the islands of Qa Lao Cham are located. Experts believe that even in the first millennium BC, the islands were first visited by representatives of the Cham people. Lishon Island is the property of the province of Kuang Ngai, the main part of the island is under the garlic plantations.