Holidays in Indonesia

The Indian and Pacific Oceans are separated by the largest archipelago, a beautiful island state. Rest in Indonesia is truly unique and exotic. Travelers will enjoy the pristine beaches with snow-white sand. Beaches surrounded by volcanic ridges that rise above magnificent tropical forests and green slopes.

What is attractive for a holiday in Indonesia?

First of all, Indonesia attracts its paradise, absolutely unique nature. Here under water you can see fish-sun, sea devils, sea-pigs, turtles, all the variety of marine life. Including numerous inhabitants of reefs. All this you can with your own eyes, if you choose a holiday in Indonesia.

A stunning place with paradisiacal landscapes and incredibly beautiful sunsets. It’s hard to believe that photos of Indonesia are made by ordinary people, they are more like pictures created by nature itself.

Indonesia in autumn is the best time for tourism

Of course, you can go to Indonesia at any time of the year, all the same the islands are almost at the equator, but it will be the most comfortable holiday in September. Here you can go to rest not only the soul, but also the body. Here come tourists from all over the world for positive thoughts, relaxation, new emotions and impressions.

Autumn is very popular with excursion tours to Indonesia. This is mainly due to the fact that at this time of year the most comfortable weather is on the islands, the temperature is around 30 ° C. And humidity is not so high.

Indonesia Attractions

Rest in autumn in Indonesia offers a lot of opportunities for tourists, at this time you can visit several islands with local

sights. The main one is Komodo National Park. Here you can see the most real dragons, known throughout the world — giant lizards, whose length reaches 3-4x meters. For adventurers, the map of Indonesia is a real gift. The real wild jungles of Kalimantan and Sumatra undoubtedly have many mysteries.

On the island of Java you can visit the real miracle of architecture, the second largest Buddhist temple — the Borobudur temple complex. This complex reflects the model of the universe, according to Buddhists. Hotels in Indonesia are eagerly awaiting their visitors. It’s hard to argue with the statement that traveling to Indonesia is a journey to paradise.