Holidays in Bali

Bali is a paradise on Earth. It is unlikely that today there will be a person who would never have heard of this resort on the territory of Indonesia. Rest in Bali is a dream of many — it’s a fact. The land, surrounded on all sides by water in the Malay Archipelago, has been popular with tourists for more than two decades, it comes from Europe, Asia, America and even Australia.

Unforgettable vacation in Bali in early summer

Certainly, rest in Bali is beautiful at any time of the year, although there are seasonal peculiarities. The climate on the island is equatorial-monsoon and divide the weather into two different types, determining them by humidity. Rest in June in Bali is not bad, because it is from this month begins the dry climatic period in this resort. The temperature in the first month of summer reaches thirty degrees in the daytime, at night it falls to twenty-four degrees. It will not turn out to rain exactly.

Rest in the summer everyone associates with the scorching sun, warm ocean, sleepless nights and good mood, and believe me, all this is on the Indonesian island. In June, early in the morning, the water warms up quickly, various hotels in Bali at this time spoil guests with affordable prices. Especially this resort will appeal to all those who dream of relaxing on a golden beach with a cool cocktail in hand.

Travel, tours in Bali

The island described above, in June is rich in vacationers. Travel to Bali in the first month of summer is worth planning in advance, because the tours in Bali are sorted out as «pies on Thanksgiving». In the drought season, you can use the guide service, which personally takes you to the top of the volcano. The view from there opens, to put it mildly, an unforgettable one.

In order to rest on the Malay Archipelago qualitatively, it is important to plan the plan in advance. Map of Bali will help to make a list of important places that are definitely worth a visit. There are few attractions here, but there are lots of natural, amazing beauty. Beaches covered with gold, the endless blue surface of the ocean, the bright sun — all this is pushed by exoticism and happiness.

Holiday pictures in Bali

Bali in June with open arms awaits guests. Here you can go alone, and the whole family, even a company of several friends will find what to do on the azure shore of the world famous resort. Photo of Bali will tell you what to expect on arrival. Rest in summer in Indonesia to be remembered for life. Develop, travel, enjoy life and then every trip abroad will be not only an experience, but also a lesson that changes you from within.