Threaded reserve yellow dragon – Huanglong

This unique cascade Reserve is located in China, in Sichuan province. The name of this place was because of the unusual color of the soil. Huanglong is translated from Chinese means «yellow dragon». This title brings together the incredible beauty of the rapids, waterfalls and lakes, which are located on the travertine terraces.

Threaded reserve yellow dragon Huanglong 2

These incredible, lush give the feeling that you get into a fairy tale. Lake, located in abundance here shimmers in the sun like a yellow dragon scales, due to the large amount of crystallized calcite in the water. Best of all the whole beauty of this amazing place you can see on a clear sunny day, it is in these moments, the water becomes pleasant turquoise color, and surrounded by a gold-colored beaches creates a fantastic atmosphere. Different salts impurities give shades shore diversity, changing the color of the milk to a dirty green.

Threaded reserve yellow dragon Huanglong 3

Since 1992, this amazing reserve was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, the territory of the reserve you can also visit Chzhaga waterfall having a height of 93 meters. It is the highest waterfall in China, this reserve is one of the few places in the natural habitat of giant pandas can be found, Yunnan leopard and many other rare animals.

Threaded reserve yellow dragon Huanglong 4

It is worth remembering that the reserve is open to visitors only from April to November. To reach the reserve can be out of the city of Chengdu, which is located almost 400 km. From there, buses run constantly, which for 10-12 hours will bring you to the reserve.

Threaded reserve yellow dragon Huanglong 5

The bus passes through one more wildlife park, therefore, for a more interesting holiday best to join any tour group. If not, then a few hundred dollars you quickly take a taxi to the reserve. It is also possible trip by plane, but the season is very difficult to get tickets.