Highland Karakoram Highway

The glory of this highway is based on the fact that it truly is the most high in the world. But this elevation of the roadway arrangement leads to increased danger. The total length of roads is 1300 km. Build the road began in 1966, and its construction took about 20 years, because it is exactly the same as a part of the ancient Silk Road.

Highland Karakoram Highway 2

The cost of work amounted to more than $ 3 billion. At the construction site employs 25 000 people, of which more than 1,000 people were killed. Travel along this road is always very dangerous. First of all it is worth mentioning a piece of land between the states of Jammu and Kashmir. For nearly 60 years, India and Pakistan are in conflict in this area, because there are constant skirmishes.

Highland Karakoram Highway 3

It is worth noting that throughout the mountainous Karakoram Highway is almost no pavement. For every 10 km of the road is not more than 30-40 meters of asphalt portion. Asphalt laying simply did not survive the harsh weather conditions. In addition, drivers have to fear avalanches and stone rubble. In winter, the road is completely overlap at risk of avalanche. But at other times of year, the road is often blocked, avalanches, mudslides and avalanches desert mountains are not conducive to safety on this road.

Highland Karakoram Highway 4

The average speed of traffic safety on the road 20-30 km / h. It is at this speed from Pakistan to China transported cargo during the ancient Silk Road. Above the expansion and restoration of highway annually employs more than 20,000 Chinese construction workers. Now the Chinese want to again fully cover the asphalt highway. But to perform such operations will take more than $ 400 million.

Highland Karakoram Highway 5

All this is done in order to significantly expand exports to Pakistan and then through the port of Karachi on around the world. The first phase of the construction work was completed in 2013. But a sudden landslide destroyed not only the several villages and created an artificial lake, and destroyed more than 20 km of the Karakoram Highway. Now travel on the highway partially passes on the boats.