Smells of Dharavi

India is a country for many is not only sacred, but it reminds us of how it is honored traditions and much more. But the worst thing is that for those who did not go deep into the thick of the city, does not know how everything is exaggerated and embellished. Some remember the smell of incense, and the people who live there, not only remember, but also know how to stink waste from industries, slop at every step and impurity.

Smells of Dharavi 2

Almost everyone who lives in the district of Dharavi knows what are these smells. Smells Dharavi … And all because to stay in this area, it is much cheaper, only $ 4 per month. Because, at the risk of life and limb, they live in this area. Of course, it is very difficult to believe that in a multimillion Mumbai may be a region in which almost unbearable to live.

Smells of Dharavi 3

If anyone remembers the film «Slumdog Millionaire», we inform you that in this area, and he was shot. This district covers an area of 75 hectares. It is home to nearly one million Muslims as well as Hindus. Unfortunately, no matter how it was unfortunate they eat that dumped here from all over the city. And to be precise, garbage.

Smells of Dharavi 4

In order to somehow survive, they have to dispose of plastic, waste paper, glass, and other unnecessary waste of food. Here you can see a lot of women and children who are barefoot climb on containers to find something for disposal. It is a terrible sight. In 2013, the authorities are going to get rid of all of the area, but they are not thinking about where the people go. They just die because they simply can not find a place to live.

Smells of Dharavi 5

When the authorities finally start to think about the people who die in a multi-million metropolis. Indeed, in this area do not live millionaires and many of them have nowhere to go. Why is everyone so cruel in this world why all care only about themselves and their well-being. It is cruel and insulting in relation to ordinary people, to be kinder.