Hong Kong is a city of Stone

Despite the fact that at the moment removed a lot about Hong Kong movies, and they say that it is a dangerous place, in fact the opposite is true. Hong Kong is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places, especially for tourists. Still, there are some dangers may await tourists on the way, and of them he must know necessarily. For example, in Hong Kong there are many poisonous snakes, which are very large species, despite the fact that this city of stone.

Hong Kong is a city of Stone 2

The parks are special signs that warn travelers about is that here you can find the snake. On the plate there is a council, to be followed by all, is not to go into the bush and meeting a snake is limited. Especially dangerous is the night in parks and on the islands, as there are far more likely to find a snake. So it is not worth risking your life for a night walk.

Hong Kong is a city of Stone 3

There is an area, like Wanchai, where the night life boils. But one has only to turn aside for a moment, and you can get a «memorable» of drug dose. Unfortunately, such incidents are. With this power struggle, but still need to always be on the lookout. Also pay attention to the products that are in certain areas may be cheaper. Not worth the risk, because you never know what it can end for you.

Hong Kong is a city of Stone 4

Also here strictly comply with the laws. For example, in Hong Kong subway is strictly forbidden to eat, to trade in the transitions and no permits and, of course, can not litter. The most important rule is that smoking in Hong Kong is almost never allowed. If you break the law associated with cigarettes, it is possible to pay not less than 6,000 rubles.

Hong Kong is a city of Stone 5

And, of course, is to follow the course of the year, as in the period from May to November is here Typhoon rage. And crooks, they should be most afraid of, as they are cunning and agile. This is, perhaps, not as much as in other countries, because Hong Kong is truly unique city.